Periodic unloading, especially

Periodic unloading, especially Ever since the ancient physicians know that if the body is not cleared, the greater will be his peethief, the more you will hurt him ,Hippocrates.

Periodic unloading, especially in chronic diseases FIR, a person needs.

Fasting is short ,up to 3 days and longlasting.

At home safely holo give up to 5 days, and after mastering the technique and methods but especially out of starvation and several lengthwise above.

Known popularizer of fasting, the author of the book The Miracle of Fasting Paul C.

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K, the years

K, the years You can create an image of the ideal, you will dete follow this ideal .

hook that one pre red day you become worthy.


Sooner or later you get tired of its scary their victories and achievements.

K, the years I have defended dis toral dissertation earned a lot of money, 30 extra pounds grams and has never been on holiday.

Later, I'll live a little later.

Rshe one project, another order.

Reli chase the pace of life, it corrals you to death But one mo ment will still have to stop.

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On low heat. To prepare

On low heat. To prepare Spe tion fry over high heat for 30 seconds.

Add crushed chili, fry all together at constant premises Shivani another 30 sec.

, And then pour the rice.

Fry rice, stirring occasionally, until all the oil is absorbed, 2 min.

Pour 1 liter of boiling water, let boil, add salt and cook, covered for 10 minutes.

on low heat.

To prepare a salad.

Grapefruit clear ry of the skin and the outer membrane, cut the flesh.

Flesh on expanded in a separate bowl, the remains of the fetus to save.

Avocado peeled, cut into large cubes, squeeze the juice on top of the remains of a grapefruit.

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193 pieces 13 pieces

193 pieces 13 pieces 193 pieces 13 pieces 68 6 Frutis 08 April 22 candy pieces 2 pieces 0.

56 7 Mars bar 88 26 23 pieces 13 piece 4 zhemy Title X Product Portion ,G ml GN 10 GN Portion Portion 5 GN GN 5 ,g 1 Oil Cucurbitaceae 8 seeds March 1 large banks 1 12 large banks 750.

4 Walnut oil 2 8 March 1 large banks 1 12 large banks 750.

4 3 Golubichnoe Jam 8 April 4 tablespoons 2 tablespoons 6 4 thApricot jam 8 July 2 12 tablespoons 1 14 tablespoons 6 5 th Oranges jam 8 September 2 12 tablespoons 1 14 tablespoons 8 6 Strawberry 8 jam February 10 tablespoons 1 tablespoon 14 Figures provided in this table of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 'Glycemic Load of Food'.

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Even they

Even they Samurai a kind of mafia says researcher samurai culture Mitsuo Kure who fought for his clan, for their land and trophies, but hardly for their honor.

In fact, they were extremely active people.

Some famous ferocious temper, like Tomoe Gozden.

They talked tough, fought as well, and the food eaten tough, extracted as a result of robberies, nibbled wild nuts and cooked brown rice in helmets.

Even they wrote rude syllable.

That's what he brought in his diary samurai XII century: I spurred the horse racing to the steep slope, in the face of the enemy is not thinking about death.

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